The Motorcycle Certification Program is divided into 2 main categories

First, the sales threshold

The World Superbike Championship WSBK is an event for commercially available production bikes and the sales of the participating bikes must meet the FIM certification standard line

If the standard sales line is not met, the bike will be labeled as "subject to certification". This bike will have access to compete in this race but will not receive any points.

The prototype 321RR racing bike 321RR-S, which participated in WSBK2023 (WorldsSP300), has been marketed above the standard line of FIM certification.

Second, Specification of Technology  

The technical specifications of the 321RR Racing Motorcycle are very complicated to certify, both to ensure that it is the basic state of the production bike, but also to meet the performance requirements of the race. Therefore, from the frame and engine to the small bushings and bolts, almost every part has the strict standards and tolerances of FIM. 

In summary, technical specifications certification can be broadly divided into 3 sub-categories


Mantle alloy, carbon fiber and other materials are restricted or banned. For example, the exhaust hanger can use carbon fiber within the limits of the regulations. Frame, front fork, handlebar, swingarm, axle and screws are prohibited to use mantle alloy.


Some designs that relate to lifting speed or power must meet the FIM requirements. Such as the wings and fairings, their size, shape style and installation position must meet the corresponding requirements (must not exceed the standard cab 1mm).


In order to ensure the fairness of the event, some core parts of the 321RR Racing Motorcycle will be different from the mass production version in the competition, such as the EFI system and tires, which must use the official WSBK designated categories and models.

Kove is the 5th manufacturer in the history of WSBK. At the same time, is the 4th manufacturer at WSBK2023.

China Racing Team--No. 98 Shengjunjie, Zhou, Will use 321RR Racing Motorcycle in WSBK2023 with Yamaha R3 and Kawasaki 400, KTM390 in the same stage.