About 3 years of preparation, 14 stages of force competitions, with attention and witnesses of our fans, we finished the Dakar!

During the 44 years of Dakars history, finally a Chinese manufacturer chose to join in. Kove brought Chinese riders and Chinese racing motorcycles to compete in the worlds competition with world's leading factory teams and they finished the tough race!

Let product shortcomings be exposed in harsh environments

If a product doesn't work for a race, it loses its meaning. The racing motorcycles we used in Dakar 2023 are the 450rally Factory Edition, which has been released in China on September 13, 2022, together with the Regular Edition. They are products that are used in harsh environments and must be tested in even more severe environments. Let product shortcomings be exposed in harsh environments, so that we can get a chance to improve them. Known as the toughest rally and the most adventurous motorsport, the Dakar is undoubtedly the best test place for the 450Rally.

Let the spirit of sports be passed on in Dakar

What is the spirit of sport?

It’s the defiant action of No. 85 Liansong Deng who drove 200km back to the camp with one hand to support the broken rally head.

It is the kindness inherent in No. 89 Sunier's attempt to help others, causing damage to the front wheel and getting into difficulties.

It’s the dedication of No. 81 Mingji Fang who took off the front wheel and gave it to Sunier to continue, while he finished the race in the dark and cold, taking 11 hours to finish. Fang said: One step forward is one step closer to home. In other words, for every step you take, you're one step closer to your goal. On the road of pursuing dreams, perseverance and courage are the core of sportsmanship.

Unleashing the power of China on the global stage

During the race, Dakar gave us a high frequency exposure and interview once in 2 days. We got the official attention because we broke the routine and broke the situation that was not available before. In the interview, Thierry Charbonnier, a rider who participated in 12 Dakar races and won the second place for many times, said that this is not a simple copy, but a motorcycle made by Kove that belongs to Chinese people. Chinese people and Chinese bikes are releasing the power of China in the Dakar, a place where all eyes are on them.苏尼尔.png邓连松.png