On 8th,  November, we began our first show in EICMA 2022. It’s the first time that our brand go to Europe to show our high performance motorcycles. Our products have received a lot of favorites of people all around the world unexpectedly. Thanks from the deep of the heart to our fans.

During this big show, our general manager and stand were interviewed by more than 25 media. Thanks for their reports, our brand has received a lot of attention. One thing needs to mention is that the most popular motorcycle of these new products is the 800X Super Adventure which was introduced and showed on the website of EICMA and the biggest motorcycle media Moto.it. Not only the media but also the fans like this motorbike. A lot of people came to our stand to experience the performance of 800X.

All in all, after this journey, we know that we have quite a few places require improving and we will continue to focus on the performance of our motorcycles. And we try to launch our products on the international market as soon as possible.